Since 2007, Chinese Tea Culture LLC has believed very deeply that "health is a gift we give ourselves everyday." Our company strives to promote a new path toward health and wellness by introducing therapeutic herbal tea.
Make a personal connection with your health and taste buds while educating yourself on the difference between Therapeutic Herbal Teas, White Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea as well as Fruit Tea, Flower Tea, Chai Tea, Rooibos Tea and Maté Tea.
Be happy knowing each tea may help relieve certain ailments and provide health benefits from A-Z depending on the chosen tea (or teas) and the consistency of consumption.
Chinese Tea Culture drinkers may enjoy a lifetime of benefits when imbibed on a daily basis.
Chinese Tea Culture company standards adhere to academic discipline and intense passion. We wish for everyone to have a happier and healthier life by providing authentic medicinal tea of the best possible quality to the world. Chinese Tea Culture philosophy is simple, "Devotion is Prosperous."